Getting Connected with HMSA

As an HMSA member, you may be wondering about how to use your plan and its benefits. Is there anything I should do before I use my benefits? If I have a problem or a question, how can I contact HMSA? Are there any extras to being an HMSA member?

Health care coverage can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Being informed, prepared, and connected will help you get the most from your HMSA membership.

Be informed - Knowing where to find information, tools and resources can help you when you have questions.

Be prepared - If you encounter any problems down the road with, for example, your claims or eligibility, there are a few things you can do now to minimize delay and inconvenience.

Be connected - We continue to explore and adopt new technology and environmentally conscious practices. Our members can now be “plugged in” with HMSA using the Internet or hand-held devices. Interacting with HMSA and managing your plan is easy, paperless and “green.”

HMSA extras - We encourage you to take advantage of the extras available to HMSA members.

  • HMSA365: Discounts on health and wellness products and services for HMSA members.
  • Island Scene magazine: HMSA’s award-winning magazine is provided free for all members and offers insightful, informative articles on health, wellness, and more.