Be Informed

Knowing your HMSA resources and where to find them can really help when you have questions. Some are as close as your wallet or computer.

  • Obtain your Guide to Benefits: When you enrolled with HMSA, you should have received a Guide to Benefits document with information about your plan benefits, limitations and exclusions. We encourage you to take a few moments to familiarize yourself with it. You may have access to view and print your Guide to Benefits online through your HMSA My Account. If your plan’s Guide to Benefits isn’t available online, please contact your employment office or call HMSA’s Customer Relations department to request a copy.
  • Get to know your HMSA card: This durable card does more than just identify you as an HMSA member. Need to know your plan type? Just look at your HMSA card. It also contains information providers need to collect the proper copayment from you and to ensure your claims are submitted and processed correctly. Turn it over to find HMSA contact information.
  • Visit and explore Our website features helpful tools and resources, such as: