Be Prepared

Occasionally, a problem may arise with your claims, membership, plan, or health that requires you to take some kind of action. The following suggestions can help you minimize any delays and inconvenience.

  • Authorize someone else to act on your behalf: Submit a completed Authorized Representative Form to authorize a person or organization to act on your behalf with regard to your HMSA plan or to obtain specific medical information about you. In the same way, the form allows someone such as your spouse or parent to authorize you to act on their behalf with regard to their HMSA plan or medical information.
  • Keep HMSA updated about any other health coverage you may have through another carrier: If you have other coverage that provides benefits that are the same or similar to your HMSA plan, we’ll coordinate your HMSA benefits with your other coverage. This is called coordination of benefits. You can help prevent unnecessary delays and ensure your claims are processed correctly by updating us about your other coverage. To do this, please download and mail us a completed Coordination of Benefits Subscriber Questionnaire.
  • Whether you have a PPO or HMO plan, establish yourself with a personal care provider before you really need one: If you don’t have a specific physician who attends to your general health, finding one and setting up an appointment as a new patient can take valuable time when you really need one. Our Find a Doctor tool can help you start your search.