How Do I Determine My Medical Plan Type?

Your HMSA membership card is your key to all medical services. It identifies you as an HMSA member. Your doctor and other providers use the information on your card to find out what type of HMSA plan you have and how to file your claims for services.

The table below explains how your HMSA membership card can tell you which type of medical plan you have. Please note that this table describes the major HMSA medical plans. If your plan isn’t listed here, call HMSA Customer Relations for help. To learn about plan benefits unique to your particular plan, please review your Guide to Benefits and plan certificates.



PPO members have convenient access to health care through a large statewide network. Though PPO plans offer you greater choice of doctors than Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, we encourage you to choose HMSA participating providers to help keep your out-of-pocket expenses down. Please read Why your cost may be more when you see a nonparticipating provider for more information.



HMO cards also include your health center and primary care provider (PCP) under your subscriber ID number. Please read Selecting your health center and PCP for more information.

Being part of an HMO is like having your own health care team. You’ll receive care from a health center and a PCP who coordinates all your care. Your PCP also arranges for your care if you need to see a specialist within your health center. HMO participants must select both a health center and a PCP to fully enjoy the benefits of their plan. For more information about out-of-state care, see Does my HMO plan cover services on the Mainland?

Medicare Plans: HMSA Akamai Advantage & Senior Connection

Akamai Advantage PPO ID card Akamai Advantage PPO

Essential Advantage HMO ID card Essential Advantage HMO

HMSA Akamai Advantage®: Your medical coverage code is made up of numbers and the Akamai Advantage logo appears at the bottom left corner of your HMSA membership card.

Senior Connection: Your medical coverage code is made up of numbers. Coverage codes include 160, 170, and 405.

The HMSA Plan for QUEST Integration Members


The words QUEST Integration appear on your HMSA membership card.

Your PCP and network are also listed on the card.

Note: Most of the information in the Customer Service Information Center refers to PPO or HMO plans. Contact HMSA Customer Relations for information about the HMSA Plan for QUEST Integration Members, Senior Connection, and HMSA Akamai Advantage plans.