Annual Cost Savings Reports

Each year, HMSA mails the Annual Cost Savings Report (ACSR) to members and their dependents who each received at least $1,000 in health plan benefits in the previous calendar year. The report provides members with information about:

  • What they paid for services covered by their plan.
  • What HMSA paid on their behalf as part of their plan benefits.
  • What those services would have cost without insurance.
  • How much they saved as an HMSA member.

The report doesn’t include information about noncovered services, denied claims, and health plan premiums.

Why didn’t I get a report?

We don’t send ACSRs to members who received less than $1,000 in health plan benefits in the previous calendar year. Some employers may also ask us not to send the report to their employees who are HMSA members.

If you don’t receive a report and have paid at least one claim for covered services during the previous calendar year, you can log in to My Account on for information about your claims. See the tax filing information of this article for more information.

The benefits of an ACSR

The report shows how much money you saved as an HMSA member, which can be significant.

The report may also be used to help you determine where you could save money on your health care. For example, you could use generic drugs, switch your medications to mail order, or use HMSA’s Online Care®.

Tax filing information

We don’t recommend using the ACSR as documentation for tax filing or flex-spending accounts. Flex-spending accounts usually require information that may not be in the ACSR. Members may want to keep their Report to Member (RTMs), or Explanation of Benefit reports, as supporting documents. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions.

To view, download, or print a summary of your specific claims information, log on to My Account, hover over Claims, and click Report to Member. Your RTM contains details about the services you received, the providers you received the services from, and the cost of the services.

Questions about the ACSR

We value you as our member. If you have any questions about the report, please contact our Customer Relations representatives.