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  • What's an Annual Deductible?

    The annual deductible is a fixed dollar amount you pay for covered services each calendar year or plan year before HMSA will pay for certain services.

  • How Do I Determine My Medical Plan Type?

    Do you have your HMSA membership card handy? Find out what kind of medical plan you have by looking at your membership card.

  • What's the Guide to Benefits?

    Your Guide to Benefits for medical and dental plans includes important information about your plan benefits, limitations, and exclusions.

  • Prescription Tools

    Prescription tools are accessible through My Account and will help you manages you mail-order drugs, check your drug claims balance, view drug pricing, and more.

  • Your HMSA Card

    Your HMSA membership card identifies you as an HMSA member and lets providers determine your plan benefits.

  • What's an Annual Copayment Maximum?

    The annual copayment maximum is a fixed limit or cap to your total out-of-pocket expenses for most covered services in a calendar year or plan year.

  • How to Update Your Address with HMSA

    It's important to let us know when you change addresses to avoid any interruptions in your coverage. There are different steps depending on what plan you have.

  • View Your Drug Claim Information Online

    You can view your current drug claim information by visiting My Account on

  • If you Have More than One Medical Plan

    If you have another health plan or insurance coverage similar to an HMSA plan, we'll coordinate benefits with your other coverage.

  • HMSA's My Account for HMSA Members

    Find your claims history for all your services, information about your plan coverage, and more by logging in to My Account.