Will I Receive My Report to Member in the Mail?

To reduce costs and foster green practices, HMSA no longer mails paper copies of the Report to Member (RTM) to PPO and HMO members for medical and vision claims.

RTMs are available online in the Claims section of My Account on hmsa.com.

If you’d like to receive your RTM for medical and vision claims in the mail, call HMSA Customer Relations.

Please visit the Access Your Claims Information Online and View Your Drug Claim Information Online articles to learn more about viewing your claims online.

This chart shows the different RTMs available for HMSA plans, and whether RTMs are mailed or available online.

Plan Medical &
Vision RTM
Drug RTM Dental RTM
PPO plans and HMO plans* Online Online Online and mail
HMSA Akamai Advantage Mail Online and mail Not applicable
Senior Connection Mail Not applicable Not applicable
The HMSA Plan for QUEST Members Mail Online and mail Not applicable

*PPO and HMO plan members - Paper copies of your medical and vision RTMs will be mailed to you if:

  • There’s a denied service. The RTM will list all claims processed during the same time as the denied service.
  • A claim is filed for services from a provider who doesn’t participate with HMSA.
  • You ask for your RTMs to be mailed to you.