2017 Annual Report


2017 was a time of transition for us. With a new leadership team comes a reinvigorated commitment to our mission: creating a sustainable health care system that improves the health and well-being of everyone in Hawaii. Renewing our mission means that we’ll move with continued focus and determination to transform how HMSA operates and relentlessly pursue new tools and strategies to support you and your health and well-being.

Thank you for your trust in HMSA. It’s our privilege to be your partner. We look forward to what we’ll achieve together in the coming year.


Signature of Michael B. Stollar

Michael B. Stollar
President and Chief Executive Officer

Signature of Robert S. Harrison

Robert S. Harrison
Chair of the Board

Photo of Michael Stollar and Robert Harrison

Investing in a Healthy Future

Your health is our priority. HMSA has been proudly serving the people of Hawaii as a nonprofit health plan since we were founded in 1938. As such, we’re committed to investing your money in programs and services that improve the health of Hawaii over time.

2017 Annual Report 2017 Financial Report

illustration of nurse administering a shot

Operations and Finances

Member Benefits
$3.09 billion paid in member benefits, including visits to doctors, hospitalizations, prescription drugs, and more.

Premium Dollar
93 cents of every dollar HMSA collects in premiums goes directly to paying for our members’ care.

Blue Zones Project®

Making the healthy choice the easy choice in communities statewide through partnerships with local businesses, schools, and workplaces. Here’s how the Blue Zones Project community expanded in 2017:

new Blue Zones Project communities

one hundred twenty-three

new worksites

twenty one

new schools


new grocery stores

Investing in Quality Care

We’ve been working with primary care providers, specialists, and hospitals to develop our payment transformation model, which rewards them for improving the health of HMSA members and pays them for value instead of volume.

Provider Participation
ninety one percent
of HMSA’s primary care providers are now participating in payment transformation.
Coordination of Care
two hundred fifty
medical professionals are working with providers to improve the health of HMSA members with severe illnesses.
illustration of two doctors conversing

Investing in Hawaii’s Future

We’re committed to building a healthy future for the people of Hawaii. In 2017, we partnered with local communities, businesses, and schools to ensure health and well-being across Hawaii.
two hundred seventy
partnerships with local businesses offering health and well-being discounts.

HMSA gives members a discount at Still and Moving weekly classes like yoga, Feldenkrais, hula, Pilates, qi gong, belly dance, aerial silks, and Nia. We’re delighted to work with HMSA to give members an array of options to attain a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

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