Finding a Preferred or Participating Provider on the Mainland

Before traveling to the Mainland, please determine your medical plan type and review your Guide to Benefits to know what plan benefits are available for you where you are traveling. Be sure always to carry your HMSA membership card with you while traveling.

Emergency care

If you need emergency care on the Mainland, go to the nearest emergency room. For more information, please read When to use the emergency room.

PPO plan members

Follow the directions below to find a BlueCard PPO provider. If you receive services from a Mainland BlueCard PPO provider, your benefit is similar to receiving health care from participating providers in Hawaii. In areas where BlueCard PPO providers aren’t available, you may still receive BlueCard PPO advantages if you receive services from a BlueCard participating provider. You are also free to see a nonparticipating provider, but your cost may be significantly more. For more information, please read Does My PPO Plan Cover Services on the Mainland? and Why Your Cost may be More when You See a Nonparticipating Provider.

HMO plan members

If you need urgent care, follow the directions below to find a BlueCard participating provider. Please note that you must arrange your urgent care appointment with BlueCard in order for the service to be covered. For more information, please read Does My HMO Plan Cover Services on the Mainland?

HMO plans do not normally have coverage for routine care on the Mainland while traveling, but if you will be temporarily living away from Hawaii for more than 90 days, you may be eligible for our Guest Membership program.

How to locate a preferred or participating provider on the Mainland.

  1. Visit BlueCard’s National Doctor and Hospital Finder or call BlueCard at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) to find a physician or facility. The BlueCard number is listed on your HMSA membership card for easy reference.
  2. Call to make your appointment and confirm if the provider is BlueCard preferred or participating.
  3. Present your HMSA membership card to the participating provider’s office.
  4. Be sure to contact your primary care provider when you return home so that your doctor can update your records and assist you if additional care is needed.

Filing claims

All participating and most nonparticipating providers will file claims for you. If your nonparticipating or out-of-state provider doesn’t file a claim for you, please follow the instructions in Filing medical claims for services from nonparticipating providers.

If you have questions about a plan type not mentioned or would like us to review your plan’s travel benefits with you, please contact HMSA Customer Relations.