Does My PPO Plan Cover Services on the Mainland?

Your HMSA PPO plan provides benefits for services on the Mainland.

HMSA participates with other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in the BlueCard program. BlueCard is a national program that enables most HMSA PPO members to obtain health care services while traveling or living in another Blue Cross or Blue Shield company’s service area.

When using the BlueCard program, you’ll receive the most comprehensive benefits when you receive medical services from a BlueCard preferred provider. Benefits for services provided by BlueCard preferred providers are the same as when you see an HMSA participating provider in Hawaii.

For more information about your costs associated with care on the Mainland or how to find a preferred Blue Cross or Blue Shield provider on the Mainland, visit the following:

Note: Some benefits require prior authorization (precertification). If you receive certain services without obtaining prior authorization, you’re responsible for the total cost of the service.

For additional important information, we encourage you to read: