Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease®

Welcome to a whole new way of living! With Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™, you can feel better and younger, and be more active.

Based on more than 30 years of research, this nationally recognized program is scientifically proven to stop and even reverse the effects of heart disease.

Who is the program for?

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is for people who are at risk for or who have heart disease. You may be eligible for this program if you’ve had any of the following:

  • Balloon angioplasty or coronary stenting
  • Chest pain
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack within the last 12 months
  • Heart or heart-lung transplant
  • Heart valve repair or replacement
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Obesity

When used with current therapies, treatments, and medication, the program has been proven to reduce the amount of daily medication needed to manage heart disease and the risk of repeat procedures.

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How does it work?

You and other participants will go through the nine-week program as a group with the singular goal of reversing heart disease and improving well-being. A team of health care professionals will guide you and help you focus on supporting four elements of your life.

  • What you eat
  • How you manage stress
  • How much you move
  • How much love & support you have

During 18 four-hour sessions, the program will help you make lifestyle changes in nutrition, exercise, group support, and stress management.

Each session lasts 4 hours, for a total of 72 hours.

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Hours per session


Hours to a new life

How will it help?

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of heart-related events.
  • Decrease the frequency and severity of chest discomfort.
  • Reduce the risk of future surgery.
  • Lessen dependence on medication.
  • Lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, and lose weight.
  • Increase the capacity for exercise.

How can I participate?

Let your primary care provider (PCP) know that you’re interested in the program and ask your PCP any questions. If your PCP has questions, please tell your PCP to contact an Ornish Lifestyle Medicine delivery site. You can also call a delivery site directly.

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine delivery sites

‘Ekahi Health System
500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 6-D
Honolulu, HI 96813

Hilo Medical Center NEW!
1190 Waianuenue Avenue
Hilo, HI 96720

Island Heart Care
75-1027 Henry Street; Suite 110
Kailua Kona, HI 96740