Paying your Bill if you Enrolled on

Please make sure you’ve linked your new plan to My Account and have your HMSA membership card handy before making an online payment.

Vuebil Login

1. Log on to My Account.

Vuebil Pay Bill

2. Once logged in, click Pay My Bill in the Plan Details box. You can also click Profile on the upper right corner and select Pay My Bill in the drop-down menu.

Vuebil Choose Plan

3. On the Choose a plan page, click Go next to the plan that starts with "FFM."

Vuebill Statement

4. Once on the Vuebill page, you’ll need to select your new plan to make a payment.

To select which bill to pay, you may do any of the following:

  • Look for the most recent date under Statement Date.
Vuebill Balance
  • Look for your new 2016 premium under Balance Due.

Your former plans should read $0.00 unless you have an outstanding balance.

Vuebill Subscriber ID
  • Match the subscriber ID on your new HMSA card with the ID online labeled Subscriber Number.

After you’ve identified your account, click Pay on the far right.

Vuebill Settings

5. If you previously set up your bank account information and automatic payment preferences for other plans, you may need to re-enter that information for your new plan.