Interisland Travel for Approved Medical Treatment

HMSA provides help with travel between islands for non-emergency medical care if you meet the following criteria:

  • The medical care isn’t offered on your home island.
  • The medical care is a covered service of your HMSA medical plan.
  • You have a referral from your doctor.
  • You have prior approval from HMSA.

The way you request for travel will depend upon your plan type:

Note: For emergency transport, refer to the air ambulance benefit in your Guide to Benefits.

HMO benefit for travel between islands

Sometimes you may need care that isn’t offered through your local health center. HMO members may be eligible for travel between islands if the care needed is available on another island in the state of Hawaii.

Your primary care provider can submit a request to HMSA for you.

When a child age 17 or under needs to travel between islands, the travel may also be covered for the parent or legal guardian who is an authorized representative on the child’s plan.

Contact HMSA for more details and for help with the travel.

Travel between islands for the HMSA Plan for QUEST members

If you’ll be away from your home island and visiting a Neighbor Island for a long period of time, please call the HMSA Plan for QUEST Members at 808-948-6486 or 1-800-440-0640 toll-free. TTY users, call 1-877-298-4672 toll-free. If you call us before you go, we can arrange for your care while you’re gone. You’re also covered for emergency services while off-island.

If you need care that isn’t on your home island, your PCP may refer you to a specialist on a Neighbor Island. If this happens, your PCP will work with us to arrange your care. We’ll also arrange and pay for air, ground transportation, lodging, and meals while you’re away from home. If there’s a medical reason and we approve an attendant, we’ll also pay travel expenses for one adult to travel with and help you. We can’t reimburse you for travel expenses that aren’t arranged by HMSA.