How do I Change my Primary Care Provider?

Your HMO primary care provider (PCP) is responsible for providing and arranging all of your medical care. Having a continuous relationship with your PCP allows you the best possible care.

However, if you need to change your PCP, contact HMSA Customer Relations on Oahu at 808-948-6372 or toll-free at 1-800-776-4672.

You may also mail your request to:

Health Plan Hawaii
Customer Relations Department
P.O. Box 860
Honolulu, HI 96808-0860

Note: Before you contact HMSA, call the provider’s office to ensure that he or she is accepting new patients.

Effective date for PCP changes

Your request will be effective as of the date the request was received by HMSA.

You’ll receive a new HMSA membership card indicating the name of your new PCP.

Previously Arranged Services

Services previously arranged by your former PCP may need to be rearranged by your new PCP. Be sure to inform your new PCP about any previously scheduled services.


Plan dependents age 18 or older must contact HMSA directly to change his or her health center. PCP changes for minor dependents can only be made by the plan subscriber.