Finding a Participating Pharmacy on the Mainland

When traveling on the Mainland, you can pick up prescription drugs from one of HMSA’s participating national pharmacies and pay the same copayment as you would at a participating pharmacy in Hawaii. The pharmacy will file your claim with HMSA.

To find a participating retail pharmacy on the Mainland, use CVS Caremark’s Find a Pharmacy tool.

  1. Log in to My Account on
  2. Select the Find a Pharmacy link from the menu on the right side of the My Account home page.
  3. Enter the ZIP code or city and state in which you are seeking a pharmacy.
  4. Click Search.

Some Mainland pharmacies that participate with HMSA are Albertsons, Costco, CVS, Kmart, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.

You may also contact HMSA Customer Relations to confirm if a Mainland pharmacy participates with HMSA.

In addition, keep the following information in mind before purchasing prescription drugs from a participating pharmacy on the Mainland:

  • You’ll be required to have a written prescription to obtain your medication.
  • Empty prescription containers marked “refill”aren’t accepted.
  • Some states only allow pharmacies to accept prescriptions written by physicians licensed in their state.
  • Some states only allow pharmacies to dispense a 30- or 60-day supply, regardless of the amount indicated on your prescription.
  • If your medication is lost or stolen, you may be responsible for the entire cost of your medication to replace it.
  • You can refill a prescription only when you have met the refill requirements of your drug plan. Most plans require you to use two-thirds of your prescription before obtaining another supply.