Divorce or Other Dissolution of Marriage

Employer-sponsored group plans

Please notify your employer when you want to remove a dependent spouse or child from your plan. A dependent spouse or child can be removed from your plan at any time. When your divorce is finalized, your former spouse no longer qualifies for coverage as a dependent and must be removed from your plan.

Note: HMSA’s Plan for Federal Employees has different instructions for removing a spouse or child from a plan due to divorce. Please contact your plan administrator or call HMSA Customer Relations for more information.

Individual plans

If you have an individual plan and need to cancel a dependent, submit your request in writing to:

HMSA Membership Services Department
PO Box 860
Honolulu, HI 96808-0860

Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSO)

A QMCSO is a court order that requires a financially responsible parent to provide medical coverage for eligible dependent children. The order also allows the custodial parent of the children to receive health insurance payment and other plan information, such as Report to Member (RTM) documents and duplicate membership cards, when the custodial parent isn’t listed on the financially responsible parent’s health plan.

The QMCSO should be submitted to the employer group of the parent who has financial responsibility for the child. The QMCSO informs the employer group that the child should be added as a dependent for medical plan coverage and/or the custodial parent should receive direct payment (when services are from a nonparticipating provider) and should have access to the child’s plan information.

Please call HMSA Customer Relations if you have any questions about QMCSOs.