About Your Confidential Member Information

Information about you and the services you receive is called your confidential member information.

Each HMSA member transaction generates confidential information. For example, when you visit a doctor, a record of your visit is made. This record may have details about your symptoms, injury or illness, exam, treatment, test results, and more. Provider claims sent to HMSA may have some of these details.

In today’s health care system, this information is used in various ways. For example, it may be used to plan or coordinate your care. As such, it may be shared among your health care providers. It may also be used to process claims, pay for your health care services, or review services.

The law gives you certain rights that pertain to your confidential member information. To learn about these rights, see HMSA’s notice on Privacy of Your Confidential Member Information.

If you suspect improper use or access to HMSA information, please contact HMSA:

By phone:
HMSA’s Compliance and Incident Hotline
1-800-749-HMSA (4672)

Submit a secure report here.

By email