Your HMSA Drug Formulary List

Your formulary is a list of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name, that are covered under your drug plan.

It’s important to know the drugs covered under your plan. Choosing generic and preferred brand drugs can help you save money on your drug copayments. For more information on drug copayment levels, please read Drug categories.

Please note that the formulary may not list every drug that your plan covers. Your plan may also have other restrictions.

How drugs are added to the formulary

The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Advisory Committee meets quarterly to review existing drugs and add new ones to the formulary. Drugs that meet the committee’s standards for safety, efficacy, ease of use, and value are included in the formulary for each plan type.

View your drug formulary

  • View the formulary for all other HMSA drug plans
    • Click the tabs at the bottom of the formulary chart to search by treatment category, generic order, and brand order.
    • You may also click on footnotes for certain drugs to learn more about coverage limits and other coverage information.
    • If you aren’t sure what drug plan you have (e.g. Essential, Select, Federal, or Choice), call CVS/Caremark, our pharmacy benefits manager, at 1 (855) 298-2491 toll-free.
    • Generic, preferred, and other brand drugs are labeled in the chart. To find your copayment for any of those drug categories, access your drug plan certificate by reading the article Plan Certificates Describe Additional Coverage.