Preparing for Your Newborn

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! It’s an exciting, overwhelming, wonderful time, and we want you to know that we’re here to help you.

Use the tools and resources on this page to make sure you’re well-prepared for your newborn’s arrival.

Learn plan benefits online

Your Guide to Benefits (GTB) includes all the information you need to understand how your health plan covers you. Health plans differ, so make sure you’re reading the GTB for your plan.

Take a look at your GTB to learn:

  • How your maternity benefits are covered.
  • Whether a deductible applies to any services you may get.
  • What you can expect to pay out of pocket for some services.

You may be able to access your GTB through your HMSA My Account. (If your plan’s GTB isn’t online, contact your employment office or HMSA to request a copy.)

To find your GTB on My Account:

  • Register and/or log on to My Account.
  • Hover over Benefits and click Medical Benefits.
  • Click the Medical download icon.

The information in your GTB supersedes any of the information contained on this site.

Add your newborn to your HMSA plan

It’s important to add your newborn to your HMSA plan as soon as possible. For most HMSA plans, you must enroll your newborn within 31 days of birth. Some plans may have up to 60 days; check your GTB to see if this applies to you.

If you miss your plan’s enrollment deadline for newborns, you’ll have to wait until the next open enrollment period, which means your newborn could be without a health plan for months.

How to add your newborn to your plan:

  • If you have an employer-sponsored group plan, you must notify your employer to add a new dependent child to your HMSA health plan.

  • If you have an individual plan, send a written request to enroll your newborn to HMSA at the following address or fax number:

    HMSA Membership Services Department
    PO Box 860
    Honolulu, HI 96808-0860
    Fax: 808-948-6614 on Oahu

    The request must include:

    • The child’s name.
    • The child’s date of birth.
    • A copy of the certificate of live birth from the hospital or a birth certificate.
    • For individual HMO plans, please select an HMO health center and primary care provider (PCP) for your child and list the information in your request.

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