Durable Medical Equipment: Renting, Buying, and Buying Online

Renting or buying DME

Durable medical equipment (DME) can be rented or purchased. However, HMSA covers certain items only when they are rented.

Call HMSA Customer Relations before purchasing DME online

Before purchasing DME online, please call our Customer Relations department:

  • To check if the item is only covered when rented,
  • To ask if you need precertification, and
  • To confirm your specific plan’s benefits and limitations.

We encourage you to use a participating equipment supplier in Hawaii who can service your equipment, provide you with supplies, and submit for precertification if needed.

Your copayment will be lower if you purchase from a participating provider instead of an out-of-state or nonparticipating provider. A participating provider will also be familiar with HMSA’s payment and medical policies.

Out-of-state and nonparticipating providers

If you obtain covered equipment from a provider who is not contracted directly with HMSA, you may be required to pay the total charge at the time of purchase and file your claim to HMSA. HMSA will send you a payment for your plan benefit. Your final out-of-pocket cost will be your copayment plus the difference between the eligible charge and total charge.

Some suppliers will agree to file a claim to HMSA on your behalf and will bill you later for the cost of the DME item. HMSA will send you a payment for your plan benefit. It is your responsibility to pay the supplier once you receive reimbursement from HMSA.

After HMSA completes processing the claim, you can see how much you owe your supplier by logging in to My Account and clicking on the View Claims link on the right of the home page. On the Claims page, you will see a summary of your claims and your Report to Member (RTM) will appear on the lower right of the page.

Please read Durable Medical Equipment for more information regarding repair, precertification, and HMO requirements.