Applying for HMSA Coverage with Your New Employer

You must apply for HMSA coverage with your employer when you:

  • First become eligible, or
  • By the first of the month immediately following the end of the first four consecutive weeks of employment. This is called the initial enrollment period. The initial enrollment period is based on your employer’s rules for eligibility.

If you don’t apply for HMSA coverage with your new employer during your initial enrollment period, you’ll have to wait for the next open enrollment period, which occurs once a year.

The annual open enrollment period varies among employer groups. To find out your employer’s open enrollment period, contact your employment office.

Here’s an example of how the initial enrollment period works:

First day of employment
  • Monday, Sept. 15
End of first four consecutive weeks
  • Saturday, Oct. 11
First day of the month immediately following Oct. 11
  • Nov. 1
Employee misses the Nov. 1 deadine to apply for coverage
  • Employee must wait until employer’s next open enrollment period

Note: If you’re enrolling in one of HMSA’s HMO plans, you must live in the service area of the health center specified on your application.

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