Accessing Care Outside the United States

For benefit information on services provided outside of the United States, see Your health plan benefits outside the United States.

Non-emergency care

When you need services outside the United States for non-emergency inpatient medical care, you must call the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center collect at 804-673-1177.

Before leaving Hawaii, confirm with your primary care provider or HMSA if you would need a prior authorization for services outside of Hawaii.

For information on finding a provider before traveling outside the United States, please read Find a participating BlueCard Worldwide provider. You can also request a letter explaining benefits specific to your plan by calling HMSA Customer Relations.

Emergency services

For emergency medical care, go to the nearest hospital. Call the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center if you are admitted to the hospital. For additional information, please read Emergency and urgent care outside of Hawaii.

BlueCard Worldwide will help you coordinate your payment for hospital and inpatient facility care with a BlueCard Worldwide provider. BlueCard Worldwide staff can also help you find a provider and make an appointment. By using a BlueCard Worldwide provider, your out-of-pocket costs will be significantly lower than if you visit a nonparticipating provider.

Care that is considered part of the U.S. Mainland network

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands also participate in the National BlueCard network. Visit What if I Need Medical Care on the Mainland for information on the BlueCard national program.

For additional important information, we encourage you to read: