HMSA is partnering with Sharecare to bring a new health and well-being experience to Hawaii — an easy way to get all your health in one place.

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Get all Your Health in One Place

Sharecare will show you how you can improve your health and help you track your progress. Learn how you can be the best version of you with personalized content and exclusive features.


RealAge Test

See why more than 41 million people have discovered their RealAge. This clinically validated survey provides you with the resources you need to manage your health.


Find the doctor who’s right for you, wherever you are. AskMD to check your symptoms and get recommendations from health professionals.

Personalized Insights

Sharecare uses your daily activity to help you improve your health with personalized health recommendations.

Stress Tracker

Sharecare identifies the fractal patterns of your voice to help you identify and manage your stress.

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