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Vision Plan Library



Before treating a patient for a vision-related event, you may want to review the plans and eligibility and information on other liable parties.


You can also refer to HMSA’s vision benefit policies, specific rules about claims filing, special vision services, payment and appeals, participating with HMSA, and other topics.


If you’re searching for a specific document, you can open it from the following list.


Before Treating the Patient


Document Name:Document Number:
Acceptable Invoice Submissionspel.aa.ACC.100
Agent Authorizationpel.aa.AGE.500
Billing for Contact Lens Fittingpel.aa.BIL.100
Billing for Deluxe Intraocular Lens (IOL) - Private Businesspel.aa.BIL.500
Billing for Disposable Contactspel.aa.BIL.150
Billing for Frames Outside of the Standard Selectionpel.aa.BIL.300
Billing for Nonstandard Lensespel.aa.BIL.550
Billing for Polycarbonate Lensespel.aa.BIL.700
Billing for Progressive Lensespel.aa.BIL.750
Billing for Tinted Lensespel.aa.BIL.850
BlueCard Programpel.aa.BLU.500
Claims Filing Highlights - Visionpel.vs.CLA.400
Claims Submission Instructions - Senior Planspel.aa.CLA.850
Claims Timeliness Standardspel.aa.CLA.900
CMS 1500 Claim Form - General Instructionspel.aa.CMS.400
CMS 1500 Claim Form - Vendorspel.aa.CMS.600
Coordination of Benefits - Examplespel.aa.COO.200
Coordination of Benefits - Visionpel.aa.COO.700
Electronic Claims Filingpel.aa.ELE.600
Fee Schedule Requestpel.aa.FEE.400
Genetic Testing Codespel.aa.GEN.100
HHIN Documents & Informationhhin-prc-home
HMSA Member ID Cardspel.aa.HMS.600
Injury/Illness Report Formpel.aa.INJ.900
Medicare Advantage PFFSpel.aa.MED.530
Membership Connectionpel.aa.MEM.850
Motor Vehicle Insurancepel.aa.MOT.500
Multi - page Claimspel.aa.MUL.500
Ophthalmological Diagnosis Codes - Majorpel.aa.OPH.300
Ophthalmological Diagnosis Codes - Minorpel.aa.OPH.400
Ophthalmological Diagnosis Codes - Refractivepel.aa.OPH.500
Ophthalmological Exam - With or Without Refractionpel.aa.OPH.600
Place of Service (POS) Codespel.aa.PLA.200
Prompt Payment of Clean Claimspel.aa.PRO.500
QNXT Pay Cyclepel.aa.QNX.100
Reimbursing HMSApel.aa.REI.500
Report to Providerpel.aa.REP.500
Resource Bookspel.aa.RES.500
Termination of Participationpel.vs.TER.702
Third Party Liabilitypel.aa.THI.500
Updating Your Provider Recordpel.aa.UPD.500
Verifying Claim Status and Resubmission of Processed Claims (CMS-1500)pel.aa.RES.600
Workers' Compensationpel.aa.WOR.500

Files that are in PDF format can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader or another PDF-reader application.

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