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Specialty Pharmacies


Specialty pharmacies provide pharmaceutical or biological products that are part of complex care protocols and may include special handling and delivery instructions, patient medication education and continuous monitoring.


Therapies that require specialty pharmacy medication are often costly. CVS/Caremark™ has contracted with specialty pharmacies to provide specialty pharmacy medication and patient education and support. Physicians are encouraged to order specialty prescription drugs by faxing the order to one of the following specialty pharmacies.


Specialty Pharmacies
AllCare Plus Pharmacy
Phone: (855) 880-1091 (toll free)
FAX: (844) 265-0265 (toll free)
Avella Pharmacy
Phone: (888) 792-3888 (toll free)
FAX: (888) 554-3299 (toll free)
CarePlus (Formerly known as CVS/Procare/Caremark)
Phone: (808) 254-2727 (local) ; 1 (800) 896-1464 (toll free)
FAX: (808) 254-4445 (local) ; 1 (877) 232-5455 (toll free)
Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc.
Phone : (810) 732-8720
FAX: (810) 281-0158; (800) 722-8720 (toll free)
The Honolulu Pharmacy
Phone: (808) 533-8887
FAX: (808) 533-1888
Phone: (808) 840-5600; (888) 840-8844 (toll free)
FAX: (808) 836-0537; (888) 286-7184 (toll free)
Premier Pharmacy
Phone: (626) 626-9400; (800) 540-4700 (toll free)
FAX: (626) 626-9840; (800) 540-3400 (toll free)
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
Phone: (808) 593-4600; (800) 852-8975 (toll free on Oahu and the Neighbor Islands)
FAX: (808) 593-4602
Westside Pharmacy
Phone: (808) 335-5342
FAX: (808) 335-0043


CVS Medical Specialty Drug Policies


CVS/Caremark™ and HMSA medical policies rely on the use of evidence-based medicine, which typically comes from peer-reviewed literature. Physicians submitting comments should include citation source material to support their positions. Inclusion of this material will help CVS/Caremark and HMSA's medical directors evaluate the comment or proposed change.


Physicians may contact CVS/Caremark by email to or by fax to 1 (866) 237-5512 toll-free for questions/comments.


To submit an preauthorization for CVS/Caremark review, please log in to HHIN or Cozeva and access Novologix from there. If you're not registered with HHIN or Cozeva, you may send your PA by fax at 1 (866) 237-5512 or by phone at 1 (808) 254-4414. To check to the status of a submitted PA, call 254-4414 on Oahu or 1 (866) 814-5506 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time.



Specialty Pharmaceutical Products


To view the current list of specialty pharmacy drugs, please click the link below:


To view previous versions of this list that are now expired, please click on the links below:



First Published:08/22/2007
Latest Revision:01/15/2019
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