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QUEST - Behavioral Health Services

Brought about through a partnership with Beacon Health Strategies, HMSA's behavioral health services for QUEST members are a progressive, data-supported approach to delivering behavioral health care benefits with the goal of improving behavioral health treatment outcomes. The services feature:



Standard Benefit Package


Additional Intensive Services for Adults


Members age 21 years or older with a diagnosis of serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) are eligible for the following services:




Additional Benefits for Children


Children/youth under age 21 years with a diagnosis of serious emotional behavioral disorders are eligible for additional behavioral services within the Department of Health, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) Support for Emotional and Behavioral Development (SEBD) program.



Pre-certification Requirements


Pre-certification is required for the following services by contacting HMSA's Behavioral Health Services - QUEST (Beacon Health Strategies).


Some patients may require additional services to access behavioral health care. The following services are authorized by HMSA by calling Provider Services for The HMSA Plan for QUEST Members.

To view the previous version of the policy, see QUEST - Behavioral Health Services - OBSOLETE.

Latest Revision:03/14/2014

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