HMSA and Sharecare welcome Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Hawaii

CNN’s award-winning medical correspondent talks to Hawaii’s physicians and community leaders about the importance of engaging in health care

People who take an active role in their own health often live healthier, happier, and longer lives. That was the focus of this week’s two presentations by Dr. Sanjay Gupta— the first for an audience of community leaders and a second for HMSA physicians. Gupta, a neurosurgeon and CNN’S chief medical correspondent, took time away from his Hawaii vacation to speak at both events. The events were , organized by HMSA and Sharecare, HMSA’s digital health technology partner.

“As a reporter, you’re typically identifying the problems, maybe talking about what the solutions may be, but not really getting to be a part of a solution, “ said Gupta. “Which is why I got so interested in what Jeff Arnold and Sharecare have been doing. Because I think that through this transformative time, we have an opportunity to be a part of a different sort of health care system, one that really is driven by the individual.”

Sharecare Chairman and CEO Jeff Arnold is also the founder of WebMD. He’s been a leader in health and technology for 20 years. The work that HMSA is doing with Sharecare is part of its commitment to empower people, providers, communities, and everyone in health care. One of the highlights for those who attended the events was a preview of a new health app that HMSA and Sharecare are bringing to Hawaii.

“Everyone cares about their health. All they need are the right tools so that they can take that next step and do something about it,” said HMSA CEO Michael A. Gold. “Sharecare can provide that. With Dr. Gupta here in Hawaii, we wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity to share our vision of a healthier Hawaii and how we’re going to get there by engaging people and putting them at the center of the health care system.”

The new Sharecare app is currently being introduced to companies that provide HMSA health plans to their employees. Later this summer, the free app will be launched to all Hawaii residents. HMSA members who link it to their HMSA account will have access to exclusive features as the app is updated.

Available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store, the Sharecare app includes:

  • A health-risk assessment called the RealAge Test®.
  • Activity and meal trackers that can help people lower their RealAge.
  • Health-related articles and recipes that are served in a personalized feed (much like Facebook).
  • A tool to help you find a doctor.
  • And a symptom checker, in case you're not sure what's wrong or need help managing a condition.

“Mobile technology plays such a huge role in all of our lives,” said Gold. “It’s a rare day for me to leave the house without my phone. Sharecare has made it possible for us to bring good health to people when they want it and where they want it – right at their fingertips. It’s an easy way for someone to be a part of the health care system.”

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