Family Health Hawaii members encouraged to act quickly

Family Health Hawaii (FHH) members and groups who will be dropped from their current health insurance carrier can depend on HMSA to give them direct, uninterrupted access to their current doctors and health care providers. In response to an announcement made today by the Hawaii state Insurance Commissioner, HMSA President and Chief Executive Officer Michael A. Gold offered his reassurance that HMSA is ready and committed to doing everything it can to help these individuals and businesses.

“The first thing you want to know in a situation like this is, ‘How am I going to keep seeing my doctor?’ With HMSA, it’s simple. We have dedicated representatives who are ready to help Family Health Hawaii groups and members keep their current doctors and continue receiving health care services and treatments from the top health care facilities in HMSA’s extensive provider network.”

Family Health Hawaii groups are encouraged to start making alternative plans for their health care coverage right away. HMSA has set up a hotline for Family Health Hawaii members at 948-5555 and has health plan specialists in HMSA Centers and offices who are ready to answer any questions.

“For 78 years, serving the health care needs of Hawaii residents has been our promise, our privilege, and what we do best,” said Gold. “In times of crisis when people really need help, we’re honored to be the one they turn to and trust to provide security and protection.”

About HMSA

Caring for the people of Hawaii is our promise and our privilege. Working together with employers, partners, and physicians and other health care providers, we promote wellness; develop reliable, affordable health plans; and support members with clear, thoughtful guidance.

HMSA is the most experienced health plan in the state, covering more than half of Hawaii’s population. As a recognized leader, we embrace our responsibility to strengthen the health and well-being of our community.

Headquartered on Oahu with centers and offices statewide to serve our members, HMSA is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.