New Cards from Medicare

Do you have Medicare?

If you do, you’ll get a new Medicare number and card. You can expect to receive your new card in 2018.

Your new Medicare number will no longer contain your Social Security number like your current number. Instead, it’ll have a new Medicare number that’s unique to you. Removing your Social Security number from your Medicare card will help keep your personal information secure and help prevent identity theft.

Keep your card in a safe place and treat it like a credit card to prevent it from being stolen.

Medicare will send your new card to the address that’s on file with Social Security. If you’ve moved recently, please update your mailing address one of three ways:

Will the new card affect my health plan?

No. There’s no change to your Medicare or HMSA health plan benefits.

What should I do with my old Medicare ID card?

When you get your new card, cut up and throw away your old card in the same way you’d destroy an old credit card.

Should I do anything before using my new Medicare card?

There’s nothing for you to do. You can start using your new card as soon as you get it. You don’t have to contact HMSA because we’ll already have your new number from Medicare.

Can I still use my HMSA membership card?

Yes. Your new Medicare card doesn’t affect your HMSA membership card. Please carry your HMSA membership card with you when you go for medical services and prescriptions.

Learn more. Visit Medicare’s website.