HMSA Well-Being Connection

HMSA Well-Being Connection is a comprehensive well-being support system. A significant component of Well-Being Connection is HMSA Well-Being Connect, an easy, interactive website that uses successful, proven methods to help you focus on improving all aspects of your well-being — mental, emotional, and physical. Well-Being Connect creates a plan tailored just for you to address issues that you may not have associated with your overall well-being.

Well-Being Connect will be available to most members at no cost through My Account. To use the tool:

  1. Register and/or log on to My Account.
  2. Click HMSA Well-Being Connect to take the Healthways Well-Being Assessment™.
  3. After completing the assessment, a customized Well-Being Plan is generated to help you focus on areas that need improvement. You will have access to online resources to help you manage your weight, eat healthy, exercise, manage stress, recognize signs of depression, and quit smoking. A mobile app can also enable you to update your progress on Well-Being Connect on the go.

We encourage you to work with your doctor to take advantage of the many tools Well-Being Connect offers to improve your well-being.

HMSA Well-Being Connection Workshops

HMSA uses fun, interactive methods for those who want to learn about fitness, nutrition, stress management, and overall well-being. You can participate in these workshops at no cost.

Workshops are available for members age 18 and older. Take advantage of our Well-Being Connection Workshops and reach your well-being goals. Call Well-Being Connection at 1-855-329-5461 toll-free for more information.

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