Basics of Your Individual Plan

Basics of Your Individual Plan

We know health care can be confusing and it’s hard to find the time to understand everything about your individual plan. That’s why we created booklets to give you a quick rundown of how your health plan works, what your plan pays for, and how you can learn more about your plan.

Click on your medical plan type below to learn more about your health coverage. Don’t know which type you have? Just look at your HMSA membership card:

These booklets give you helpful information on your plan, including:

  • How to use your HMSA membership card
  • What different health care terms mean
  • How we process and pay your claims
  • What your copayments are for services
  • Which services we pay for and don’t pay for

Remember, this booklet is just a summary of your plan. To view your full plan benefits, you need to refer to your Guide to Benefits.

You may have access to view and print your Guide to Benefits online through your HMSA My Account. (If your plan’s Guide to Benefits isn’t available online, please contact your employment office or HMSA Customer Relations to request a copy.)

To find your Guide to Benefits through My Account:

  • Register and/or log on to My Account.
  • Hover over Benefits and click Medical Benefits.
  • Click the download icons in the GTB and SOC listing.

The information in your Guide to Benefits supersedes any of the information contained on this site.