Get Free Identity Theft Protection Services

If you’re an eligible HMSA member, you can get free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services at no cost. We’ve partnered with AllClear ID to offer:

  • AllClear Identity Repair. If you become a victim of identity theft, a dedicated investigator from AllClear ID will help you recover your financial losses and restore your credit to its pre-fraud state.
  • AllClear Credit Monitoring. Sign up for this service to get detailed alerts when banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts. The service includes credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring, and an identity theft insurance policy, as well as an annual credit score and credit report. In addition, you’ll also have the ability to set, renew and remove fraud alerts on your credit file to help protect you from credit fraud.

Want more information? Visit or read our credit monitoring FAQs.

Please note that members of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Federal Employee Program (FEP), Federal Plan 87, HMSA Akamai Advantage®, HMSA Essential Advantage®, and people who don’t have an HMSA medical plan aren’t eligible for identity protection services at this time.