Access Your Claims Information Online

To reduce costs and support green practices, HMSA provides claims information for medical, vision, drug, and dental claims online.

Medical and vision claims

In HMSA’s My Account, you can find a summary of your processed and in-process medical and vision claims. Once logged in to My Account, please click the View Claims link on the right of the home page. On the Claims page, you’ll see a summary of your claims. Your Reports to Member (RTMs) will also appear on the lower right of the page.

If you’re registered with My Account, HMSA sends you an automated email notice when a new RTM becomes available. You will need to log in to My Account to access the RTM, which can be downloaded, printed, or shared.

The email notifications can be turned off in My Account by clicking Change My Email Preferences on the right side of the page, then unchecking the box “I wish to be notified by email when a new RTM is available in My Account.” When you click Continue, your account will be updated immediately.

If you’d like to receive your RTM for medical and vision claims in the mail, please call HMSA Customer Relations.

Paper copies of the RTM will continue to be mailed to you if:

  • There is a denial of service. The RTM will list all claims processed during the same time as the denied service.
  • A claim is filed for services from a provider who doesn’t participate with HMSA.
  • You’re a member of 65C Plus (Cost), Akamai Advantage, Senior Connection, the HMSA Plan for QUEST Members, or the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nationwide Federal Employee Program.
  • You ask for your RTMs to be mailed to you.

Drug and dental claims

If you’d like to receive copies of your drug and dental claim history in the mail, please call HMSA Customer Relations. For drug claims, you must call each time for a copy of your claim history to be mailed to you.

Do you have questions about creating a profile or logging in to My Account? HMSA Customer Relations can help you with My Account by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call the phone number on the back of your HMSA membership card and select the option for Questions About Our Website.