What is Hawaii QUEST?

The Hawaii QUEST Program is a Medicaid managed care program where the state pays health plans to provide coverage for medical and behavioral health services.

What is The HMSA Plan for QUEST Members?

The HMSA Plan for QUEST Members is a health plan for people who are eligible for the Hawaii QUEST program. In addition to the medical and behavioral health services covered by the Hawaii QUEST Program, HMSA QUEST members have access to:

  • 24-hour customer service.
  • A large network of doctors to choose from.
  • HMSA365 member discounts.
  • Language interpreters who will go to the doctor with you at no added cost.
  • HMSA’s disease management services to help you manage chronic diseases.
  • Island Scene magazine.

With over 75 years of experience, we understand how to care for our members. Our approach to QUEST is no different from any other coverage we provide.

How to apply

Membership is determined by the Med-QUEST division of the state Department of Human Services. To apply, please visit the Hawaii QUEST website.

HMSA QUEST works with other companies for your care

To give you the best care, we work with other companies who may need to talk to you. These companies include:

  • Beacon Health Strategies for case management and behavioral health care.
  • Healthways for services, health tests, or screenings.
  • Landmark for physical or occupational therapy.
  • CVS Caremark for prescription drugs.
  • National Imaging Associates for radiology services such as CT scans or MRIs.

HMSA Disclaimer

  • Healthways Hawaii works with HMSA to offer health and wellness programs to HMSA members. Healthways Hawaii is separate from HMSA.
  • CVS Caremark supports HMSA’s pharmacy benefits. CVS Caremark is separate from HMSA.
  • Beacon Health Strategies works with HMSA to provide behavioral health care services to HMSA members. Beacon Health Strategies is separate from HMSA.
  • Landmark supports HMSA’s therapy benefits. Landmark is separate from HMSA.
  • National Imaging Associates works with HMSA to provide radiology services to HMSA members. National Imaging Associates is separate from HMSA.